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Deciding to list your home for sale can be extremely emotional for you, and we understand this. It is our responsibility to ensure that you achieve your desired goal.

With DreamScape Realty Brokerage Inc., our focus is always on you.

Our multi-platform options allow you to choose and design the right level of service; a level of service that does not just meet your expectations but exceeds them.

Listing Services

Deciding to list your home for sale can be extremely emotional for you, and we understand this. However, we are motivated to ensure that you achieve your desired goal, assisting you with managing your overall stress level.

We understand that you will have many questions and concerns. Questions such as:

• Is my home ready to sell?
• Am I ready to sell my home?
• How much is my home worth?
• What can I do to maximize the value of my home?
• Is this the right time to sell?

We will take the time to help you answer these questions and more. We will provide the resources you need to ensure this process is as Stress-Free as possible. We can even become your Project Manager should you decide that there are some renovations you would like to complete before selling your home. Contact us to discover how our unique, personally tailored approach can Help You Create Your Lifestyle.

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(Market Value Assessment Report)


Our detailed Market Value Assessment Report is complimentary.

Two things to keep in mind when it comes to Home Valuations:

• The market is forever changing and

• The Market is never wrong. The market will only ever offer what the home is worth

Our approach is different; we take the time to complete Market Research in all areas, not just your neighbourhood. We look at the greater area around your neighbourhood, the City and finally the Province. We look for trends to see what is happening; this enables us to determine and forecast to a certain extent which way the market is moving. After this, we then meet with you so that we can get to know your thoughts, see what you have completed in your home. Finally, we generate the report, which will give you an idea of what you could reasonably expect to receive if you decided to sell your home.

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