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Helping Clients Create Their Lifestyle

A huge Congratulations to my Brother and Sister-In-Law (Brenda and Lorne) as they continue along the journey of Creating Their Lifestyle.

Their journey began a little over three weeks ago, as they approached me asking for some help. They had decided that it was now time to sell their two-storey Condominium and move into a One Floor Bungalow to begin the next chapter of their lives.

The journey first started with the hunt for a New Home, a home that they could spend the next Twenty-Five years or more in. They wanted a bungalow, and after determining their wants, researching and assessing the market, the searches were created. The first house they saw was close, but in the end, it did not meet all of their needs. But the second property wow, this was it! As soon as they walked through the door, they knew that they found their new home. Now all that needed to happen was for a successful negotiation to occur to secure the property. So we went to work, submitted the offer and successfully negotiated its acceptance that same night. Timeline so far was six days from the beginning of the journey. Negotiated accepted offer on just the second property viewed in an interesting market.

Now the fun part began - getting their home sold. One thing you need to know is that my Sister and Brother-In-Law are meticulous people; their house was immaculate - well maintained and a dream to show.

After completing the market research, giving them a couple of pointers for inside preparation and completing the Marketing presentation package, it was time to list. The property hit the market early in the day, and after six showings on the same day the property listed receiving four strong offers, we successfully negotiated an accepted offer over list price I might add in 16 Hours.

From start to finish in just six days in a very unique market, we were able to Help Clients purchase their dream home and sell there first home. While the results may differ for you, it would be our sincere pleasure to help You Create Your Lifestyle!



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